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Dodgeball Swing

Since the beginning of  time there was was one game called dodge-ball. Today was one game and tomorrow will be another but there could be a new winner (dun dun du!) The Warriors will take out their swords. Dynamite will explode on their way to the finish. The Cobras are ready to strike! The Hooligans will be rambunctious! The Killaz are ready to fight! The Scorpions will release the venom and the Mangoes will juice up the game. Hand made uniforms will be revealed.  Face paint will be smeared all over our faces! Dodge-balls will be flying everywhere!!! Let the games begin, and may the dodge balls be ever in your favour!



By Kayla and Catrina.


  1. Meg says:

    Hi Catrina and Kayla,
    Great blog post! I am so excited for the dodge-ball tournament! Go Scorpions Go!
    Meg :)

  2. Joseph says:

    Well we are in 4th well that still good.
    I like the Magons name and Killaz and hooligans.

    Who is your favoreite dodge ball name???

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