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Summer Is Coming

Summer is almost here. We are coming up to the last day of school.

This is a list that you can do in the summer:  going to the beach,  having popsicles, laying  in the sun, staying  up late, sleeping in , going to friends’ houses , going on the trampoline,  going in the pool, reading your favourite book , playing with your brothers and sisters , going on your bike, going to trips and the  number 1 of all is… having FUN!!

Have a nice summer and please tell me what you are doing in the summer.

from: Kirsten


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  1. Minnie says:

    I am very excited for summer vacation! This summer I will be doing alot of things like,swimming in my pool, and going to camp. I will also be doing alot of other things. What will you be doing this summer vacation?

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