School’s Out!


This year has been great. But it’s a shame that it’s over (no it’s not). With Track and Field, Dodgeball, Fall Fair, Air bands I could go on and on. This was one of my best school years ever. I think next year will be just as great because I get to play my brother in the dodgeball tournament.


What did you think of this year?



Special Social Studies Project!

Recently, Mrs Swift’s class has been doing very exciting and fun social studies projects about ancient civilizations. (I chose ancient China). We have to compare our civilization to modern Canada. It has been cool learning about ancient China and I bet other people are having a fun time learning about their civilization. Some of the choices we had were ancient China, ancient India and a lot more. We will be presenting our social studies projects soon! I am so excited!

What ancient civilization would you choose to do and why would you choose to do that one?

By: Minnie



Literature Circles

Our class was doing something called literature circles. We were split up into 6 groups:The BFG, Titanic Crossing (2 groups),City of Ember,  Bridge of Terabithia and The Hungry Year. My group was the BFG. That stands for  the Big Friendly Giant. We had 24 chapters . In every group we do a summary, a prompt, and a question. We had our time to read to the end  of the week , which was when we did our prompt, our summary, and questions.

Have you ever done Literature Circles before?

By: Josh


Scenic Caves

On June 11,  the grade 5s went to the Scenic Caves. When we got there we got in 3 groups. One group went on the suspension bridge, one to the caves and one to mini golf. The suspension  bridge is 100 feet off the ground and it rocks (a little.) It is so long. Some people picked up rocks before we went on then threw them down. Then we had snack then off again, to mini golf. There are 18 holes.  You would  put yourself in groups of 4  and golf with them. Then we ate lunch and went to the gift shop! After we went to the caves.  There was a cave that was as cold as a fridge, in fact it is called the Fridge Cave. Then the ice cave, there is actually snow in it even in the summer! Then the famous cave, Fat Man’s Misery/  It actually isn’t that small. Then we went to the bear cave. It is called the bear cave cause there is a rock that has the shape of a bear head in it. It looks carved but it isn’t,  it is naturally there. It was so fun. At the end we went to the park.  It has everything.

Have you ever gone to the Scenic Caves? What are some school trips you have been on? (if you have been on some.)

By: Josie

scienic caves 003scienic caves 002scienic caves 001

Summer Is Coming

Summer is almost here. We are coming up to the last day of school.

This is a list that you can do in the summer:  going to the beach,  having popsicles, laying  in the sun, staying  up late, sleeping in , going to friends’ houses , going on the trampoline,  going in the pool, reading your favourite book , playing with your brothers and sisters , going on your bike, going to trips and the  number 1 of all is… having FUN!!

Have a nice summer and please tell me what you are doing in the summer.

from: Kirsten



Hey guys, on Thursday June 20th, 2013, we are going to have an epic extraordinary dodge ball tourney.

Who will win, will it be the O’s Cobras spreading their poison, or will it be the juicy Mangoes, or the silly Hooligans?  But it might be the Dynamite looking for the big bang to victory.  It could also be the furious Warriors hunting for the cup, but don’t forget the Scorpions are hissing for the big win.

It’s anybody’s game to win, and remember to have fun, there’s no tourney if nobody’s going to have fun!

I wonder what the skills “compo” is?

Also remember the rules: duck, dip, dive, dodge,  dip, duck, dodge, and dive.

Feel free to comment. 🙂

By: Charlie .M.

High Jump

highjump pictureIn our class our teacher is teaching us the right way to do high jump. Right now we are focusing on the foot work. We have to  run up to the tape, take one long step and then two  short steps and then you jump on to the mat. Track is on Thursday June 6th and we have been practicing a lot. Every time the whole class gets over the bar our teacher moves up the pole a little bit. Since you only move up the bar a little bit at a time you will end up jumping really high. That is how you do high jump now you can go give it a try.

How high can you jump?

By: Deanna

Dodgeball Swing

Since the beginning of  time there was was one game called dodge-ball. Today was one game and tomorrow will be another but there could be a new winner (dun dun du!) The Warriors will take out their swords. Dynamite will explode on their way to the finish. The Cobras are ready to strike! The Hooligans will be rambunctious! The Killaz are ready to fight! The Scorpions will release the venom and the Mangoes will juice up the game. Hand made uniforms will be revealed.  Face paint will be smeared all over our faces! Dodge-balls will be flying everywhere!!! Let the games begin, and may the dodge balls be ever in your favour!



By Kayla and Catrina.


In math class the first week after March break we were making 3-D skeleton models of shapes like hexagonal prism, square- based pyramid, and other prisms and pyramids.What I liked about it was that we got our hands a little messy and we didn’t do as much paperwork. What is your favourite 3-D figure or what would be your favourite?  The objects we made them out of were toothpicks that were not sharp and some plastercine.

Our Health Class

In Mrs Swift’ s class we are doing health. We got to look at ice cream boxes, pop, and cereal boxes. We tried to see which ones are  healthy and which ones are  not. It was really fun. We had  three worksheets in total. One and two help us with  worksheet 3. They were like one booklet  but they were all separate. On worksheet 1 it has three nutrition facts on it. On worksheet 2 it had a fake cereal box on it. Worksheet 3 had all the answers for one and two. It was like a puzzle. It was awesome!!

by: Kirsten  😉